How to Find the Best Property Tax Lender in Texas

October 27, 2021


You can face stiff penalties, interest, and related fees (i.e., attorney fees) for failing to pay your Texas property tax on time. While it’s possible to get tax exemptions on overdue property tax, you aren’t assured of anything if you don’t meet the stringent qualification requirements.

In many cases, you’ll have to find a way of paying your taxes, and there’s no better and faster way of doing it other than borrowing from property tax lenders. However, there are many property tax lenders in Texas today, so how do you find the best?

How to Find the Best Property Tax Lender in Texas: Important Factors to Consider

1. Licensing and legitimacy

There are scammers online looking to steal personal information or harm borrowers in many other ways. So, before you settle on a specific property tax lender in Texas or anywhere else in the US, make sure they are legitimate.

There are many ways to assess the legitimacy of a property tax lender. Besides checking if they meet their formal licensing requirements i.e., if they are licensed by the OCCC (Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner), you can assess other factors. For instance, is the lender a member of a credible association such as TPTLA or other groups of leading lenders in the industry. Membership in renowned associations indicates the lender is well-established and a serious player in the industry with proven professional services.

When you combine licensing and membership in renowned organizations, you can rest assured you are dealing with a lender that meets high

standards of professionalism, ethics, capitalization, data privacy, and security.

2. Quick and easy application process

After ascertaining the legitimacy of the lender in question, consider their property tax loan application process. How to find the best property tax lender in Texas goes beyond a legitimate lender license. You must be able to apply for a loan in record time. Remember, Texas property taxes penalties and interest accumulate very fast. Every month of unpaid overdue tax attracts additional charges. The importance of getting a lender with a quick and easy application process can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

You should be able to apply for a loan seamlessly and get your loan amount immediately if you meet the criteria for borrowing. The best property tax lenders have a 100% online loan application and approval process that is streamlined, saves precious time, ensures data security and privacy, and offers other important guarantees. For instance, if a lender says they will deposit your loan amount in a day, they should do exactly as they promised once your loan application is approved.

3. Non-discriminatory lending. Bad credit loans available

Good lenders also have non-discriminatory policies. For instance, a lender shouldn’t deny you a loan simply because you had difficulties in the past. Borrowers shouldn’t be defined by their credit scores or reports.

Most people face financial problems that are out of their control once in a while. The best property tax lenders in Texas understand this perfectly, which is why they profile clients holistically before deciding whether to grant them loans. Your ideal lender should be open to all kinds of borrowers, provided they show the capacity to repay their loan.

4. Local presence

The best property tax lenders also happen to be those with local presence. Lenders who understand local borrower needs tend to serve such borrowers better. What’s more, such lenders tend to invest in the community and have meaningful connections with borrowers.

It helps to use a lender who understands property tax issues in your area. Such a lender is best suited to offer the type of loans that meet your needs perfectly. Local lenders tend to do more for their clients because they have a local reputation to protect.

5. Reasonable repayment terms. Reasonable loan charges.

The best Texas property tax lenders don’t charge loan application fees or other unreasonable fees that raise borrowing costs. They also offer low monthly repayments well spread out to make repayment affordable. Borrowers who need flexible, personalized loan payment plans can get them fast and easy.

Most importantly, the interest rate charges should be competitive when compared to other top lenders. Ideally, choose lenders who have interest charges that match or are lower than other credit forms.

What’s more, the best lenders won’t penalize you for repaying your loan earlier than agreed. They’ll also understand the financial distress associated with falling behind on property taxes and won’t purpose to add unnecessary financial burden to borrowers. Most importantly, there should be reasonable procedures in place for dealing with borrowers who have difficulty repaying loans and are in need of assistance.

6. Responsible lending practices

The best lenders assess factors like affordability before disbursing loans. They avail tools to borrowers to help them assess their suitability for loans before applying. Top property tax lenders have affordability tools in place that not only help borrowers make wise borrowing decisions but offer precise estimates of fees and other charges beforehand.

Go for lenders with free estimates, affordability calculators, and related tools that allow potential borrowers to assess their financial positions accurately before taking a loan. Your preferred lender should also offer some financial advice if needed. Avoid lenders that charge high ambiguous fees i.e., high origination fees, since such fees are usually denoted as a percentage of the loan amount, so they can turn out to be very costly with larger loans. Lenders who are keen on lending anyone without offering sound financial advice or caring if a borrower sinks deeper into debt should also be avoided.

7. Consider reviews

Lastly, it helps to check what past and present customers are saying about the lender. A quick online search on trusted review sites can give you a good idea of the kind of property tax lender you are dealing with. Ideally, you are looking for a lender who has more positive than negative reviews. Borrowers should be generally happy about the services they are getting.


How to find the best property tax lender in Texas is easy if you consider the above factors. Begin by ensuring you are dealing with a legitimate lender. The lender also needs to offer a fast and easy application process, reasonable repayment terms, follow non-discriminatory policies, and practice responsible lending. It also helps for the lender to have a local presence and great online reviews.

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