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In Texas, property taxes for residential and commercial property are due every November. Property owners have until January 31 to pay their property taxes without penalty, but after that, the late fees and interest add up quickly.

Property Tax Loan Pros in Texas can help you pay off your property taxes on time, helping you to avoid late fees and penalties. This helps Texas property owners to better plan for their tax obligations and avoid owing a large lump sum every year.

Our payment plans are flexible and personalized to each individual client, so you can satisfy your property tax obligations on your own terms. We have competitive interest rates that will likely save you money compared to the late fees, penalties, and interest you could pay to the government if your property tax stays overdue for too long.

The Texas Property Tax Loan Pros will pay your overdue property tax to the county taxing authority on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Property Tax Loans

Texas Residential and Commercial Property Tax Loans

Our lending professionals at Property Tax Loan Pros have decades of experience serving both residential and commercial clients. Property Tax Loan Pros can provide the cash necessary to pay your property taxes up front, allowing you to pay your taxes over time according to a schedule that works for you.

Businesses especially benefit from our property tax loans! Texas is one of just a handful of states in the United States to charge property tax not only on commercial real property, such as buildings and land, but also on most tangible commercial personal property. This means that your business’s machinery, equipment, supplies, vehicles, inventory, and even office furniture may be subject to commercial property tax.

Subsequently, even small businesses can incur substantial property tax liability. As a local Texas business ourselves, we know the constraints that a lump sum property tax payment can place on a business’s cashflow. Our property tax loans help businesses free up valuable cashflow by allowing them to satisfy their property tax obligation over time, instead of having to write one large check.

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Consequences of Overdue Property Taxes

The local taxing authority (typically the county) will place a tax lien on the subject property when Texas property owners fail to pay their property taxes on time. A tax lien gives the county certain rights with respect to the subject property, including the right to foreclose on the property if the tax remains unpaid for too long.

Foreclosure is relatively rare, but late fees and penalties are not. Counties are authorized to charge a 6% base late fee beginning on February 1 of the year after the taxes become due. Since property taxes are generally due in November, this late fee attaches after about two months. Counties are also authorized to charge an interest rate of 1% per month and to increase the interest rate by another 1% for each month the property tax remains unpaid.

If by July your property tax is still unpaid, counties are authorized to double the base late fee from 6% to 12%. Counties are also authorized to charge an attorney’s fee equal to 20% of the total tax bill to recover the costs of any litigation necessary to recover delinquent property taxes. Thus, property owners may be liable for an extra 38% on top of the property tax they already owe if their taxes become just 6 months overdue.

A property tax loan in Texas from Property Tax Loan Pros can help you satisfy your tax obligation immediately and avoid paying late fees and penalties to the county tax collector.


Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!

At Property Tax Loan Pros, we know that our clients are more than the number on their credit report. Everyone experiences financial hardship, and many times those difficulties are caused by uncontrollable factors.

For this reason, we holistically evaluate each potential client to determine the loan product that is right for them. We seek to serve every Texas client that contacts us, and we will always do our best to develop a product that works for each client.

Why Choose Property Tax Loan Pros in Texas?

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A Local Texas Business to Serve Local Texas Clients

Property Tax Loan Pros was founded in Texas and remains dedicated to serving hard-working Texans like you. Our team of lending professionals seeks to always provide the best personalized service to all of our clients.

Our courteous and professional staff are dedicated to serving the people and businesses of the State of Texas the way they, themselves, would want to be served.
Are you looking into property tax loans in Texas? Apply online today or give us a call at 866-531-7678 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Your local assessor’s office may offer delinquent property tax installment plans that may cost less than a property tax loan. You can request information about whether your county offers any such plan from your local tax office.

All information on this site is offered for informational purposes only. Nothing on this site constitutes legal or tax advice and nothing on this site shall create any real or implied attorney-client relationship. Always consult your attorney and your tax professional before making personal or business decisions that carry potential legal or tax consequences.


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