Texas Property Tax Due Dates

October 10, 2021


Texas property owners have many important tax dates to consider throughout any given year. Below are the most important Texas property tax due dates that could mean anything from missing a tax bill to accumulating hefty penalties, interest charges, and even suffering foreclosure.

The Texas Comptroller has a more detailed tax calendar with all property tax deadlines and their respective reference in the Tax Code. Here’s a summary of the tax due dates you should be worried about the most as a Texas property owner.

January Property Tax Due Dates

January has several property tax deadlines. For instance, 1st January is the last day for the appraisal district to determine property value. Tax liens also attach automatically to a person’s property on 1st January to secure payment of tax, penalties and accrued interest.

Property owners should receive their property tax bills for the preceding year by 10th January, or their delinquency date will automatically be moved to a later date (by 21 days).

31st January is the last date for property owners to pay their accrued taxes without facing penalties and interest charges, among other costs.

As per Texas Property Tax Code, penalties and interest on overdue taxes start accruing from 12.01am on 1st February. However, if 31st January happens to fall on a weekend, penalties and interest start accruing on the next working day (from Monday).

If you have a property payment plan because your property has been damaged by a disaster, 31st January is your deadline for paying the 1st installment payment on your tax bill.

February Property Tax Due Dates

Property taxes that aren’t paid on 1st February automatically result in delinquency. Penalties and interest charges also start accruing.

Property owners have up to 28th February or 29th February (in a leap year) to file for the instalment property tax payment option via a letter of intent. The deadline also applies to homestead exemptions. Disabled veterans, and elderly individuals (aged 65 or more) and other qualified individuals must pay their 1st instalment of their tax bill by 28th February.

March Property Tax Due Dates

31st March is the most important tax due date in March as this is the deadline for the 2nd instalment payment for individuals who qualify for homestead exemption. The exemption is given to elderly individuals aged 65 years or more, disabled individuals, disabled veterans and their surviving spouses who need a property tax payment plan.

April Texas Property Tax Due Dates

Property owners have up to 30th April to file several applications with respective appraisal districts. These applications range from certain exemptions to special requests.

May Property Tax Due Dates

Tax units start notifying property owners with delinquent property taxes on 2nd May. Additional penalties begin in June. The 3rd instalment (of tax statement) falls due on 31st May for qualified individuals.

July Property Tax Due Dates

On 1st July, property owners in delinquency face a 20% collection penalty, the largest of all penalties in a year.

September Property Tax Due Dates

Taxing units set property tax rates by 29th September. The rates determine the property tax that will be paid the following year. This follows the 1st September deadline for appraisal districts to set their budgets for the following year.

October Property Tax Due Dates

Tax assessors must start sending out property tax bills due the following year by October 1st.

December Property Tax Due Dates

By the end of December, appraisal offices must have verified eligibility for certain property tax exemptions i.e., homestead exemption.

Important: Texas property tax due dates may vary from one county to another. The importance of seeking location-specific information can’t be overlooked. Property owners should also check for detailed, up-to-date property tax due dates information with the Texas Comptroller.

FAQs About Texas Property Tax Due Dates

What will happen if I miss a property tax due date?

Missing property tax deadlines can attract serious problems in Texas. Besides penalties, interest and other charges (collection fees) accumulating to over 45% within the first year, you can also lose your property.

After delinquency, you incur a 6 percent penalty and interest charges applied monthly. In July, you are hit by at least 20% in collection/attorney fees. Taxing authorities usually hire lawyers to assist with collecting unpaid property taxes. These costs are transferred to property owners.

If you don’t make any effort whatsoever to pay your overdue property tax for months, you risk losing your property. Taxing authorities can sell your property to recover overdue taxes.

How much time do I have before foreclosure because of overdue property tax in Texas?

It depends! The time taken for property to be foreclosed because of unpaid property taxes depends on the local market conditions and taxing authority in question. Generally, it can take two to four months for a lienholder to foreclose on a property.

In Texas, foreclosure processes can begin any time and are generally completed in two months if they are uncontested. Property owners have an opportunity to contest state, local or federal government’s legal claims on their property even if taxes are unpaid.

I don’t have money. How do I avoid missing my Texas property tax due dates?

There are several ways to avoid facing the consequences of unpaid property taxes in Texas. As mentioned above, you can contest a foreclosure. However, you need a legal team which will add unnecessary costs. What’s more, you can lose a case and your property.

It’s also possible to qualify for property tax exemptions that reduce or eliminate tax bills. However, exemptions aren’t guaranteed. The same applies to payment plans. While you can get instalment payments, you must meet certain requirements.

Property owners should just pay tax to avoid hefty charges. There are property tax lenders in Texas that give property owners affordable loans.

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