Texas Property Tax Deadlines For 2021

October 17, 2021

You can have your property foreclosed for failing to pay property taxes in Texas. Your interest and penalties can also accumulate to approximately 47% in the first year alone. The importance of knowing the deadlines in respect to the type of property owner, taxing units, and appraisal districts can’t, therefore, be overlooked. The Texas Property Tax Code dictates everything on property tax, including deadlines.

For instance, Section 1.06 dictates what happens if a deadline falls on a national holiday or weekend i.e., the deadline is enforced on the first business day following a holiday or weekend. Below are important Texas property tax deadlines applicable to 2021.

Eventualities like extensions haven’t been factored in. If a property owner secures a property tax payment plan or exemption that legally extends or removes a deadline, the deadlines below can change accordingly. Property owners with other complex property tax deadline issues should consider seeking legal advice for a more detailed interpretation of the statutory provision.

Monthly Texas Property Tax Deadlines for 2021

Below are the main deadlines applicable to property tax deadlines in Texas as per the Texas Comptroller.

January 1st and 31st Property Tax Deadlines

Taxable values and qualifications for some exemptions are established on 1st January every year. This is also when a tax lien is attached to property as security for payment of overdue taxes, interest, and other penalties for the year as per Sec 31.01a. Temporary property tax exemptions for property owners who qualify due to disaster damage also expire on 1st January. Disabled individuals and the elderly aged 65 or more have up to 31st January to qualify for property tax exemptions as per Sec 11.22.

February Property Tax Deadlines

Individuals who don’t pay their property tax face delinquency on 1st February. Delinquency attracts a 7% penalty charged on 1st February and increments thereafter.

31st March Property Tax Deadlines

Disabled and elderly property owners (aged 65 years or more), as well as their heirs or surviving spouses who qualify for Sec 11.22 property tax exemption, have up to 31st March to pay their 2nd property tax installment.

31st March is also the deadline for qualified property owners of damaged property to pay their second tax installments with 1st February delinquency dates.

1st April and 30th April Property Tax Deadlines

Businesses have up to 1st April to pay their previous year’s property taxes without accruing any attorney fees. Property owners have until 30th April to file exemption applications as per Sec 11.43d.

31st May Property Tax Deadlines

31st May is the last day for elderly homeowners (aged 65 and above), disabled veterans, and their heirs and/or surviving spouses to pay their third installment on property tax as per Sec 11.22 with 1st February delinquency dates. The same deadline applies to disabled veterans and their heirs/surviving spouses with donated homesteads as per Sec 31.03.

Property owners (both homeowners and business owners) with property damaged by disaster also have up to 31st May to clear their third property tax installment.

30th June Property Tax Deadlines

Taxing units have up to 30th June to levy property tax for a current year as per Sec 26.12. They must also adopt local option % homestead exemptions by 30th June. Private schools denied property tax exemptions under Sec 11.21 due to charter amendments must also file an application before 30th June or before the 60th day from the date an exemption is denied.

1st July and 31st July Property Tax Deadlines

As per the Tax Code Sec 33.01a, delinquent taxes incur 12% in overall penalties on 1st June.

Disabled or elderly homeowners, as well as disabled veterans and their heirs or surviving spouses who qualify for Sec 11.22 exemptions, have up to 31st July to pay their 4th property tax installment as per 1st Feb delinquency dates. The deadline also stands for partially disabled veterans who have homesteads donated by charitable organizations.

Homeowners and business owners with property damaged by disasters also have up to 31st July to pay their 4th installment on property taxes.

1st and 31st August Property Tax Deadlines

Taxing unit assessors have up to 1st August to submit appraisal rolls and dates that tax collectors submit collection rate estimates for a current year.

By 31st August, taxing units must waiver penalties and accrued interest if tax bills are returned undelivered by the US Postal Service (if another tax bill isn’t sent 21 days before delinquency date to a current mailing address given by a property owner).

September Property Tax Deadlines

29st September is the last day for all taxing units to adopt current tax rates. Failure to observe this deadline will force a unit to adopt lower tax rates for that year.

October Property Tax Deadlines

As per Sec 31.01, tax assessors must have mailed property tax bills for a year by 1st October or as soon as it is practical.

November Property Tax Deadlines

Split payments offered to property owners in need of property tax payment plans must pay the first 50% of their taxes on or before 30th November.

December Property Tax Deadlines

Appraisal offices are supposed to survey and verify eligibility for homestead property tax exemption by 31st December.


The above information summarizes critical Texas property tax deadlines for 2021 to consider. While there are more deadlines applicable to property owners, taxing units, and other tax stakeholders in Texas, the above information summarizes the most notable deadlines to consider.

Understanding this information will help a property owner in Texas know when to pay taxes, apply for exemptions, expect correspondence from tax authorities, and many other important tax matters.

Paying for Texas Property Tax Before Deadlines

Penalties for overdue taxes begin accumulating in February and do so up to December if taxes still remain unpaid. To avoid worrying about different deadlines throughout the year, seek professional assistance on your property tax issues and ensure you pay your taxes on time.

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