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Arlington property tax bills seem to increase every year. While many businesses no longer mail out hard copies of bills to their customers, local tax collectors are still largely behind the times. Because property owners usually receive their property tax bills in the mail, and it’s quite easy to misplace a piece of regular mail, even the most diligent property owners can forget about paying their property until it’s too late.

Although it is quite easy to forget about paying Arlington property taxes, the consequences for paying property taxes late or forgetting to pay them at all are quite harsh. The Texas government authorizes Arlington tax collectors to charge late fees, interest, and penalties if a property tax payment is even just a day late. At, our product enables Arlington property owners to pay their entire property tax bill at once without having to make a single, large payment to the tax collector each fall.

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Arlington property tax bills typically arrive in the mail sometime during November of each year. Arlington property owners typically have about two months-until the next February-to fully pay their property tax bill without incurring penalties or late fees.

As soon as Arlington property taxes become overdue, however, the Texas government has authorized Arlington tax collectors to charge property owners expensive late fees, attorney fees, and interest on top of the taxes they already owe. Indeed, late fees, interest, and other penalties can inflate a property owner’s tax bill by up to 38% after just 6 months!

What is more, depending on how long property taxes remain delinquent and how much the property owner owes, the government has the power to foreclose on the property. Foreclosure results in the government selling the property at auction to recover the unpaid debt, usually for no more than a few cents on the dollar.

Our aim at is to provide property owners in the Arlington area with peace of mind through a simple tool that they can use to satisfy their tax obligation, along with any late fees, interest, and attorney fees charged so far, and to do so with a customized plan that fits into their overall financial plan.

Our Arlington property tax loans are simple and straightforward. We front the funds necessary to cover all of your past-due property taxes-including fees and penalties. We then customize a repayment schedule that accounts for the needs and circumstances of every unique client. Repayment plans can vary widely in length depending on what a particular client needs, providing you with the flexibility to pay your property taxes over an extended period of timel at one low interest rate, softening the financial blow that writing a large check at the end of each year can render to your personal finances.

Residential property tax loans in Arlington

At, we recognize that no two property owners’ living situation is the same. Some live in single-family houses, some live in condos, and some live in apartments. Some live here full time and some only live here for part of the year.

But regardless of where you call home and what your home looks like, our Arlington property tax loans can help you pay off your Arlington property taxes instantly and securely.

With our Arlington property tax loan solutions, there is no reason to pay high late fees and penalties on delinquent Arlington property taxes. Indeed, there is no reason to have delinquent Arlington property taxes at all! Instead, use one of our Arlington property tax loans to pay your Arlington property taxes today, saving time, stress, and money along the way.

Commercial property tax loans in Arlington

Arlington businesses pay relatively high commercial property taxes compared to businesses in other parts of the country. The State of Texas authorizes Arlington taxing authorities to levy property tax on nearly all commercial property including both real and personal property. This means that Arlington businesses pay commercial property taxes not only on buildings and land, but also on equipment, office furniture, inventory, and supplies.

Our commercial property tax loans help Arlington businesses absorb the cost of commercial property taxes by enabling the business to pay their property taxes over an extended period of time rather than in one large payment. This frees up cashflow, especially at the end of the year when other bills may come due. It also allows Arlington businesses to keep some cash on hand to use in case of emergency.

We are comprised of an experienced team of professional lenders who leverage years of combined experience in the Texas banking and real estate industry to achieve the best results for our clients. We assist all types of Arlington businesses by creating personalized property tax loans that enable businesses to pay their property taxes while still saving enough cash to reinvest and grow the business.

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Any property tax lender you choose to work with should value not just the business you bring in, but also its business relationship with you. was founded in Texas on Texas values. We exist to serve the hard-working Texans that make our state what it is. First and foremost as Texans ourselves, we strive to embody the spirt of the Lone Star State with every client in every transaction. Because we live here, too, we’re intimately familiar with the Texas real estate market and the unique needs of our Texas clients.

Every day our professional team shows up to work ready to provide the people and businesses of Texas with the caliber of service we would hope to receive from our fellow Texans. Any lesser effort reflects poorly on us, both personally and professionally, and on our state.

We do everything in our power to ensure that every Arlington property tax loan that we make fits into the client’s overall financial plan. We want to see our clients succeed. In our view, success means paying off your Arlington property tax loan on time and without it creating an additional financial burden. For this reason, we view foreclosure as our own failure to create the proper solution for the client. Instead, we work diligently to evaluate every potential client and develop the product that gives the client the highest chance of success.

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