Property Tax Loans in Dallas

It isn’t hard to fall behind on your Dallas property taxes. Even the most diligent property owners can be so busy in their personal and business lives that the tax bill they received in the mail can easily fall by the wayside.

But despite the ease with which property taxes can slip Dallas property owners’ minds, there are serious consequences for failing to pay them. Thankfully, Dallas property owners have an easy and convenient way to pay their property taxes without needing to come up with a large lump sum payment all at once.

Let PropertyTaxLoanPros.com take care of your Dallas property taxes

Dallas property taxes generally come due in November of each year. Dallas property owners usually have until February of the next year-i.e. about two full months-to pay their property taxes in full.

Letting Dallas property taxes become overdue, however, can result in late fees, interest, and penalties that can add up very quickly. Indeed, Dallas property owners can become liable for as much as 38% extra on top of their Dallas property tax bill if their property taxes become overdue by just 6 months!

And even worse, if Dallas property taxes remain overdue for too long, the Dallas taxing authority may execute its property tax lien and foreclose on the subject property, forcing a sale of the property at auction.

PropertyTaxLoanPros.com exists to eliminate Dallas property owners’ worries about their property taxes. Our flexible property tax loan solutions provide Dallas property owners with choice and peace of mind when it comes to satisfying their Dallas property tax obligations.

PropertyTaxLoanPros.com will pay your overdue property taxes directly to the Dallas tax collector, saving you time, effort, and, most of all, money. We will also pay off any interest, late fees, and other penalties that may have accrued so far, allowing our Dallas clients to take advantage of our low interest rates with respect to their entire Dallas property tax bill, not just the principal.

Our property tax loan payment plans are personally tailored to the needs of each individual client, allowing Dallas property owners to use our property tax loan solutions to eliminate their property tax burden in the way that works best for them and their unique financial circumstances.

Residential property tax loans in Dallas

If you owe overdue property taxes on a primary or secondary residence in Dallas, PropertyTaxLoanPros.com can help pay them off and to do so quickly and easily!

Whether you owe past-due property tax on a house, condo, or apartment in Dallas, our flexible property tax loan solutions can help you pay off your Dallas property tax on your own schedule.

Don’t waste money paying exorbitant fees, penalties, and interest on overdue Dallas property taxes! Instead, take out a property tax loan from PropertyTaxLoanPros.com to pay your Dallas property taxes in a way that works for you.

Commercial property tax loans in Dallas

Dallas businesses pay some of the highest property tax rates in the country. Dallas County is authorized to assess and collect property tax on businesses’ real property, such as office buildings and land, as well as businesses’ tangible personal property including machinery, equipment, vehicles, supplies, office furniture, and inventory.

Commercial property tax loan solutions from PropertyTaxLoanPros.com allow Dallas business owners to satisfy their commercial property tax obligations over time instead of in a large lump sum payment at the end of each year when cashflow can already be tight.

Our flexible commercial property tax loan solutions for Dallas businesses help businesses free up valuable cashflow to reinvest and grow the business as well as to manage unexpected expenses that all business owners incur in the course of doing business.

A commercial property tax loan can help Dallas businesses responsibly maintain a safety net to handle any unexpected expenses instead of writing a single, large check to the Dallas tax collector at the end of every year.

Our team of professionals have years of combined experience in the lending industry, collectively helping many business owners over the course of their careers. Regardless of your business’s needs, our dedicated team of Dallas lending professionals can create a personalized, efficient commercial property tax loan solution for your Dallas business.

We provide property tax financing for many major types of commercial property in Dallas, including multi-family residential projects, hotels, office buildings, equipment, supplies, and inventory. We also make financing multiple pieces of commercial property easy and hassle-free.

Why use PropertyTaxLoanPros.com to satisfy your Dallas property tax obligation?

If you’re looking into using a property tax loan to satisfy your Dallas property tax obligation on your own terms, you need a lender you can trust.

PropertyTaxLoanPros.com is a Texas company established to serve hard-working Texans like you! As Texans ourselves, we know not only the ins and outs of the Texas real estate industry, but we’re also deeply familiar with those intangible factors, characteristics, and values that make the Lone Star State so special.

Texas is our home, and we genuinely view each new client as our family. Our team of lending professionals seeks every day to provide the highest caliber of personalized service to every one of our clients. We strongly believe anything less reflects poorly not only on us as Texans, but also on the Lone Star State. We strive to serve the people and businesses of Texas in the same way that we, ourselves, would want to be served.

To us, foreclosure is a failure on our part to create a property tax loan solution that sufficiently accounts for our clients’ personal financial needs and circumstances. For this reason, we strive to avoid foreclosure at all costs. Instead, we spend substantial time and resources on the front end so that we can be sure that any property tax loan solution we offer has a high chance of success.

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