Property Tax Loans in Nevada

A Nevada property tax loan from can help get homeowners caught up on their property taxes, giving them much-needed peace of mind.

Property taxes have risen 38 percent year-over-year in Clark County, Nevada – home to Las Vegas – raising the average tax bill on a single-family home to $2,445 from $1,774. It’s the same story in many other parts of Nevada, which has seen tremendous growth in population and the state’s property tax rates.

There are many reasons why someone may fall behind on their Nevada property taxes. Sometimes, money is tight and satisfying a tax bill may not take priority over more pressing expenses. Other times, busy homeowners simply forget to remit payment, given everything else that’s going on in their lives. Regardless of why you may be behind in your Nevada property tax, the end result is the same: if you don’t act now to handle the situation, it can spiral out of control, turning into an irreparable situation.

Thankfully, Nevada property owners can use a property tax loan from to conveniently pay their property taxes without having to make a large lump sum payment all at once.

Let PropertyTaxLoanPros.Com Take Care of Your Nevada Property Taxes

Nevada property taxes are handled at the county government level. While each county may use a slightly different process, generally, the County Treasurer sends out property tax bills by August 1st. The Treasurer will send the bill one time, and those homeowners who do not receive the bill are not excused from making timely payment. Generally, Nevada property taxes are due the third Monday in August. However, a homeowner may pay off their tax debt in installments if the total amount owed exceeds $100.00. For homeowners on an installment plan, the due dates for each periodic payment are:

Payments must be made within ten days of each due date to avoid penalty. Thus, allowing your Nevada property taxes to become overdue results in late fees, interest, and penalties that can quickly become unmanageable. Indeed, Clark County property owners can who fall behind on their taxes can easily end up paying as much as 22 percent more than their original tax bill.

And for those homeowners who do not resolve their tax bill by April of the following year, the property will be advertised as delinquent in the local newspaper and published on the Treasurer’s website.

The real problems start, however, if payment is not remitted by June of that year. At this point, the County Treasurer will hold the property for a redemption period of two years. The property owner can redeem their property by paying the original tax bill, additional accrued taxes, penalties and costs, together with interest on the taxes at the rate of 10 percent per year from the original date due until paid.

If all past due taxes, interest and penalties are not paid by the end of the two-year redemption period, the County Treasurer will seize the property. The property will then be held in trust and may be sold at a public auction if the past due amounts are not paid. helps eliminate Nevada property owners’ concerns over their property taxes. We offer flexible property tax loan solutions that give our clients options and peace of mind when it comes to satisfying their Nevada property tax debts.

Once you submit our easy-to-complete application and receive approval, will pay your overdue property taxes, saving you time, effort, and, most importantly, a lot of money. We will also cover any interest, late fees, or accrued penalties, allowing you to take advantage of our low interest rates with respect to your entire Nevada property tax bill, not just the original tax amount. At, we create custom-tailored property tax loan payment plans based on your individual needs.

Residential Property Tax Loans in Nevada

If you owe property taxes on your primary home or a secondary residence in Nevada, can help satisfy all your tax debt in one easy process

Whether you owe past-due property tax on a house, condo, or apartment, our flexible property tax loan solutions can help you pay off your Nevada property tax debt on your own schedule.

The longer you wait to address your past due Nevada property tax debt, the more penalties and interest will accrue, making it that much harder to pay down the debt. Don’t waste money paying exorbitant fees, penalties, and interest on Nevada property taxes! Instead, reach out to We can quickly and easily pay off your tax debt.

Commercial Property Tax Loans in Nevada

Nevada homeowners are not the only ones who must pay property taxes; businesses are also responsible for paying property tax on commercial properties. The State of Nevada authorizes each county to levy property tax on both real property and tangible personal property that are used for commercial purposes. This includes buildings, land, machinery, vehicles, supplies, equipment, furniture, and even inventory.

At, we will make a lump sum payment on a business’s behalf, then recover the payment over time, extending the period of time over which a business can satisfy its commercial property tax obligations. This often helps businesses free up cash flow and allows them to keep money in the bank as a safety net in case of an emergency.

Our team of Nevada property tax loan specialists has decades of combined experience in the banking and real estate industries. We use our collective knowledge to help all types of business owners meet their tax obligations, allowing them to focus on growing their business. Whether your business needs a loan for $5,000 or $500,000, our lenders are immediately available to develop a commercial property tax loan solution that is customized for the needs of your Nevada business.

Why Use PropertyTaxLoanPros.Com to Satisfy Your Nevada Property Tax Debt?

When looking for a company to provide you with a Nevada property tax loan, it is essential you find a lender you can trust. When it comes to picking the best lender for your Nevada property tax loan, is the natural choice for a few reasons:

1. We are upfront about the terms of the loan

If you are considering a Nevada property tax loan, you should ensure that you don’t trade one type of unmanageable debt for another. At, we are crystal clear with each of our clients about the terms of the loan, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether the product is right for their needs.

2. We value honesty and integrity

Not every property tax lender is in the business to help home and business owners. In fact, some unscrupulous lenders see this business as an opportunity to quickly seize property from unsuspecting owners who find themselves in a challenging financial spot.

At, we will only approve a loan if we believe that the arrangement will benefit the homeowner or business owner. If, during the application process, we believe you will not be able to keep up with the monthly payments, we won’t approve the loan. In other words, we are in the business of helping you overcome your tax debt. We want to put you in a better financial position.

3. We have a track record of helping homeowners and business owners

In recent years, has helped countless individuals and businesses overcome their Nevada property tax debt. When you call to discuss a property tax loan with us, we can provide you with a list of satisfied clients whom we’ve helped. This way, you can rest assured that others have benefitted from our product and trusted us to effectively resolve their tax debt.

4. We are flexible

The banking and lending industry is not known for its flexibility. Most lenders rely on straightforward calculations based on your credit score and the value of the secured collateral when deciding whether to approve a loan and at what interest rate. In fact, many Nevada property tax loan companies refuse to make a loan to anyone without an exceptional credit score.

At, we routinely look past superficial imperfections on a client’s credit history and evaluate the application as a whole. By putting in a little extra effort up-front, we can ensure that you end up with a product that provides you with the best chance of resolving all of your Nevada property tax debt as efficiently as possible.

5. We don’t charge excessive fees

All Nevada property tax loan lenders charge some fees. In many cases, the fees that a lender charges are required by law. However, that doesn’t stop some lenders from tacking on additional, discretionary fees that only act to pad their bottom line. One of the most common fees is an application fee. At, we don’t charge application fees. Applying and receiving approval for your property tax loan will cost you nothing upfront. Further, our online application process is simple and straightforward. You can start your application online, and one of our lending professionals will follow up with a phone call to gather the rest of the information we need to determine your eligibility and the terms of your loan. We will also answer any questions you have about our product and the lending process.

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