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Property Tax Loans in Bexar County

Bexar County property owners pay some of the highest residential and commercial property taxes in the United States. Additionally, it is quite easy to forget about paying your Bexar County property taxes. And even if you remember, it’s sometimes simply impossible to come up with the lump sum of cash needed to pay a property tax bill.

But paying Bexar County property taxes late or failing to pay them at all carries serious consequences including expensive late fees, interest, and possibly even foreclosure. It’s possible, however, to avoid all these negative consequences with a Bexar County property tax loan from Our unique solutions help Bexar County property owners pay their taxes on time and in full, without needing to worry about coming up with a lump sum of cash at the end of each year. Our fast and free application enables Bexar County property owners to pay their entire property tax obligation-including accrued late fees and interest-in as little as one week.

Let take care of your Bexar County property taxes

Bexar County property owners usually receive their property tax bills during November. The Bexar County Assessor then gives property owners about 2 months-until January 31-to pay their bill in full before adding late fees and interest.

Paying your Bexar County property taxes just a day late, however, allows the county assessor to add expensive fees and penalties that can add up to as much as 38% after only 6 months!

And the situation becomes even more serious if Bexar County property taxes stay overdue for too long. In cases of extreme delinquency, especially when the overdue property tax balance is large, the Bexar County assessor can foreclose on the subject property and sell it at a tax sale, usually for well-below market value.

However, with one of our Bexar County property tax loans, property owners no longer need to choose between paying their property tax bill in a lump sum or risk losing their property to foreclosure. We personally tailor every Bexar County property tax loan that we make to each client’s specific needs. Our product gives Bexar County property owners the opportunity to pay their property taxes according to a schedule that works for them.

Additionally, if your property taxes are already overdue and have incurred late fees, interest, and other penalties, you can use your Bexar County property tax loan to pay those costs as well. This way, you can pay your entire tax bill over time at one low interest rate.

Residential property tax loans in Bexar County

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time resident of Bexar County, you must pay property tax on all property you own within the county. Thankfully, property owners can use our Bexar County property tax loans to pay the property tax on whichever type of dwelling you call home, whether it’s an apartment, condo, or single-family house.

A custom residential property tax loan from enables Bexar County property owners to pay both their property taxes and any associated late fees, interest, and other penalties with one low interest rate that stays fixed for the life of the loan.

The late fee, interest, and other penalties charged by the Bexar County tax collector can add up to as much as 38% after 6 months! But it’s possible to avoid these outrageous late fees with a Bexar County property tax loan.

Our individualized Bexar County property tax loans allow you to rest assured that your Bexar County property tax obligation is fully satisfied and that you’re no longer wasting money on unnecessary penalties and late fees.

Commercial property tax loans in Bexar County

While individuals and businesses appreciate Texas having no state income tax, this benefit of living and working in Texas comes with its own price: high property taxes. Bexar County charges commercial property tax on commercial real property such as land and buildings used in the course of business and commercial personal property such as equipment, supplies, and inventory.

Luckily, we offer Bexar County businesses commercial property tax loan solutions very similar to the residential property tax loans that we offer to individuals.

Designed to help Bexar County businesses spread out the cost of their property tax bill over time, our commercial property tax loans help business free up valuable cashflow, which becomes even more important at the end of the year when many other accounts and bills come due.

This way, instead of writing one large check to the Bexar County tax collector, businesses can keep extra cash on hand to purchase equipment and supplies necessary to expand, invest in research and development, or create an emergency fund to help cover unexpected expenses.

Boasting years of combined experience, our staff of lending professionals has collectively helped all kinds of businesses satisfy their property tax obligation on their own schedule and as part of the business’s overall financial plan.

Why use to satisfy your Bexar County property tax obligation?

Borrowing money is a big decision. We understand that, and we want every client that chooses to do business with us to do so because they feel we, as professionals, and the way we do business are the right fit for them.

Our company was founded in Texas on Texas values of hard work, perseverance, and self-reliance. While it’s our job to know the Texas real estate market, it’s our responsibility to service that market in a way that reflects our core values. Because we’re Texans, too, we are proud of the special factors, characteristics, and values that make the Lone Star State so special.

It’s our goal to build and develop a successful business relationship with every client that reaches out to us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in pursuit of this goal, believing anything less reflects poorly not only on us, but also on our state. And we’re not willing to risk either of those.

At, issuing your property tax loan is not the end of the business relationship, it’s the start. We strive to create the perfect property tax loan solution for every client based on each client’s personal financial situation in order to give each client their highest chance of success. It is our sincere goal to see every Bexar County property tax loan that we issue through from the time we issued it to the client to the time that the client sends in the final payment.

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