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Property Tax Loans in San Antonio

San Antonio property owners are consistently surprised by how their property tax bills appear to increase year after year. Given property owners receive their San Antonio property tax statements in the mail, it’s quite easy for even diligent property owners to misplace or simply forget about their property tax bill.

Although it can be easy to forget about paying your San Antonio property taxes, there are serious consequences for doing so. Indeed, the local taxing authority for the San Antonio area can charge substantial late fees and penalties starting just one day after the tax becomes overdue. Thankfully, San Antonio property owners can use a property tax loan from to conveniently pay their property taxes without having to make a large lump sum payment all at once.

Let take care of your San Antonio property taxes

San Antonio property tax statements are generally mailed out in November of each year. The local taxing authority typically gives San Antonio property owners until February 1 of the following year to pay their San Antonio property tax before charging late fees.

Once your San Antonio property taxes become overdue, however, the local taxing authority may charge late fees, interest, and penalties, all of which can add up very quickly. Indeed, these fees and penalties can make San Antonio property owners liable for as much as 38% extra on top of the property taxes they already own after just 6 months!

Worse still, if San Antonio property taxes stay delinquent for too long, the San Antonio taxing authority may exercise its right to foreclose on and sell the subject property. was founded to provide San Antonio property owners with a flexible and convenient way to satisfy their property tax obligation on their own schedule. Our San Antonio property tax loan solutions provide comfort and peace of mind to San Antonio property owners who need help paying their property tax bill.

Our service works like this: we pay overdue property taxes directly to the local tax collector for the San Antonio area on your behalf. Our loan will also pay for interest charges, late fees, and other penalties that the tax collector has added to your San Antonio property tax bill since it became due. This allows our San Antonio clients to satisfy their entire San Antonio property tax bill, not just the principal, at one low interest rate and without incurring any additional fees.

We personalize our San Antonio property tax loan payment plans according to each individual client’s needs, enabling San Antonio property owners to use our product to satisfy their property tax obligation in a way that fits into their broader financial plan.

Residential property tax loans in San Antonio

Property owners can use a San Antonio property tax loan from to pay overdue property tax on both primary and secondary residential properties in the San Antonio area!

Regardless of the type of dwelling you use as a residence in San Antonio, our San Antonio property tax loan products are available to you. Our property tax loans can help you pay off your San Antonio property tax on your house, condo, or apartment. What is more, a San Antonio property tax loan allows you to do it according to a timeline that works for you.

Avoid the government’s exorbitant fees, penalties, and interest on your past-due San Antonio property tax bill! Instead, use a San Antonio property tax loan from to pay your San Antonio property taxes according to your own schedule.

Commercial property tax loans in San Antonio

San Antonio businesses pay property taxes that are some of the highest in the country. The State of Texas authorizes the local taxing authority for the San Antonio area to levy property tax on both real property and tangible personal property that is used for commercial purposes. This includes buildings, land, machinery, vehicles, supplies, equipment, furniture, and even inventory.

By making a lump sum payment on a business’s behalf, then recovering the payment over time, our commercial property tax loans help San Antonio business owners extend the period of time over which they may satisfy their commercial property tax obligations, free up cashflow and allowing businesses to retain a safety net in case of emergency.

Our commercial property tax loan terms are very flexible, and our product helps San Antonio businesses grow and manage inevitable unexpected expenses.

Our team has years of combined experience in the banking and real estate industry. Our professional use their collective knowledge to help a diverse array of business owners comply with their tax obligations and continue to grow at the same time. Whether you need a loan for $5,000 or $500,000, our professional lenders are eager to create an efficient commercial property tax loan solution that is customizes for the needs of your San Antonio business.

Why use to satisfy your San Antonio property tax obligation?

It’s crucial to find a lender that you can trust and one you feel comfortable doing business with. is a Texas company, and we work hard to live up to the reputation that comes with that! As Texans ourselves, we are proud of all the intangible factors, characteristics, and values that make the Lone Star State so special, on top of our deep knowledge of the Texas real estate and lending industry.

The Lone Star state is our home, and our clients are our family. Our team of lending professionals strives every day to serve the people and businesses of Texas in the same way that we, ourselves, would want to be served. We strongly believe anything less reflects poorly not only on us as Texans, but also on our great state.

It is our goal that every San Antonio property tax loan that we issue fit in perfectly with the client’s overall financial strategy. For this reason, we view foreclosure as a failure to do our job to create a solution that works for the client, and we work hard to avoid foreclosure in as many cases as we can. We prefer to put in the effort and resources on the front end so that we can be sure that all San Antonio property tax loans that we issue have a high likelihood of success.

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