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Property Tax Loans in Harris County

Harris County property taxes are some of the highest in the country. Furthermore, it is not hard to fall behind on your Harris County property taxes, or to even forget about paying them entirely. Indeed, even the most diligent property owners understandably become so caught up with keeping their businesses afloat or or tending to personal matters that their property tax bill simply slips their mind.

Failing to pay Harris County property tax, however, can result in serious consequences and substantial late fees, notwithstanding how easy it is to overlook or forget about them. Our Harris County property tax loans are designed to give Harris County property owners a fast and easy way to pay their property tax bills without having to write one big check at year’s end. Our application process is fast and free, allowing Harris County property owners to satisfy their property tax obligation-whether it’s due or overdue-in a matter of days, avoiding expensive late fees and penalties and enabling them to get back to the things they need to do.

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The Harris County Tax Assessor typically mails out property tax bills during November. Harris County property owners then have until January 31-about 2 months after receiving their bill-to fully satisfy their tax obligation without incurring late fees.

However, paying Harris County property taxes late enables the county assessor to add late fees, interest, and penalties to a property owner’s tax bill, potentially increasing the amount owed by 38% in just 6 months!

And if Harris County property taxes stay delinquent for too long, the Harris County assessor has the power to foreclose on the subject property and sell it at auction. Because foreclosed property rarely sells for its full market value at auction, property owners stand to lose even more.

Our Harris County property tax loan solutions, however, eliminate worries about losing your property to foreclosure. Every Harris County property tax loan that we issue is customized to the individual needs of each client, providing Harris County property owners with peace of mind that they will be able to satisfy their property tax obligation on their own time.

Our Harris County property tax loans work by us paying your overdue property taxes directly to the Harris County Tax Office. Our Harris County property tax loans also cover late fees, interest, and penalties incurred up to the point that we issue the loan, enabling Harris County property owners take advantage of a single low interest rate for their entire property tax bill.

Residential property tax loans in Harris County

Whether you call Harris County home full-time or just part-time, our Harris County property tax loan solutions give Harris County property owners a fast and convenient way to pay their property taxes without worrying about racking up additional late fees and interest.

Whether you owe delinquent property taxes on a condo, a single-family house, or an apartment in Harris County, a personalized residential property tax loan from PropertyTaxLoanPros.com will allow you to pay off your Harris County property taxes, penalties, and interest on your own schedule and at one low rate.

The Harris County Tax Office charges high late fees, penalties, and interest on delinquent property taxes-sometimes reaching as high as 38% after 6 months! But you can avoid excessive penalties and late fees with a Harris County property tax loan. With one of our customized loans, you can rest assured that your Harris County property taxes are paid in full and that you’re paying them in the way that works best for your personal financial circumstances.

Commercial property tax loans in Harris County

Because Texas has no state income tax, businesses in Harris County pay some of the highest commercial property tax rates in the United States. The Harris County assessor is authorized to assess and collect commercial property tax on both real and personal property this is used in the product of income. This includes property such as land, buildings, equipment, supplies, and inventory.

Our commercial property tax loans help Harris County businesses spread out the payment of the commercial property taxes over time. This system makes it so that businesses don’t need to write a single large check each November, preserving valuable cashflow at the end of the year when many businesses need it most.

This way, Harris County businesses can reinvest their cash back into their business, save a little extra in an emergency fund, or do both, instead of paying it all over to the assessor at one time.

Our lending professionals have years of combined experience in commercial lending. Our staff has collectively helped businesses of all kinds meet their financial goals through targeted solutions customized to the unique needs of each business.

Why use PropertyTaxLoanPros.com to satisfy your Harris County property tax obligation?

At PropertyTaxLoanPros.com, we know you’re looking for a lender you can trust. We are a Texas company dedicated to serving the hard-working people of Texas. Texas is our home, too, and it’s our job to know all there is to know about Texas property taxes. But we’re also deeply in tune with the special intangible factors, characteristics, and values that make our state what it is.

We work hard to establish and grow a lasting business relationship with each client we serve. Our team of professionals seeks to provide our clients with the same caliber of service they would hope to receive. Anything less fails to live up to our values as professionals and as Texans.

Foreclosure, to us, is not a one-way street. If we are forced to foreclose on a property, it is not just client’s fault for failing to repay the loan on time. It is also partially our fault for not creating a solution that sufficiently addressed the clients’ personal situation. For this reason, we aim to avoid foreclosure in all but the most dire circumstances. Instead, we do our due diligence on the front end to make sure each loan we issues gives the client a high chance of success.

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