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Arlington property tax bills seem to increase every year. While many businesses no longer mail out hard copies of bills to their customers, local tax collectors are still largely behind the times. Because property owners usually receive their property tax bills in the mail, and it’s quite easy to misplace a piece of regular mail, even the most diligent property owners can forget about paying their property until it’s too late.

But despite how easy it is to forget about property taxes, they don’t go away. And failing to pay property taxes can have serious and expensive consequences. Thankfully, an Austin property tax loan from can help put Austin property owners back in charge of their finances by providing an affordable way for them to satisfy their property tax obligations without late fees or penalties.

Let take care of your Austin property taxes

Austin property owners usually receive their property tax bills in the mail sometime around the middle of November. Although property taxes are generally due upon receipt of the bill, Austin property owners usually have about a two month grace period to pay them without penalty.

But after January 31, the local taxing authority for the Austin area is authorized to charge late fees, interest, and penalties that can dramatically increase a property owner’s tax bill. These penalties can add up so quickly, in fact, that Austin property owners’ tax bills can go up by as much as 38% after just 6 months!

Furthermore, the government’s tax lien on the subject property allows the taxing authority to foreclose on the property and sell it to recover the unpaid taxes-usually for pennies on the dollar. makes it so that Austin property owners no longer need to choose between paying their property tax bills on time or facing steep late fees and penalties. An Austin property tax loan, rather, gives Austin property owners a flexible way to satisfy their Austin property tax obligations according to a payment schedule that works for them.

With a property tax loan from, we pay your delinquent property taxes directly to the local taxing authority, providing peace of mind knowing your taxes are paid in full and freeing up time, energy, and resources on your end. Our Austin property tax loans also covered accrued interest, late fees, and attorneys’ fees charged by the taxing authority, allowing our Austin clients to satisfy their entire property tax obligation at a single, affordable interest rate.

Residential property tax loans in Austin

Whether you live in Austin full-time or only maintain a secondary residence there, an Austin property tax loan from can help you pay your Austin property taxes quickly and in full!

Additionally, we issue property tax loans for all types of residences. So, whether you live in a single-family house, condo, or an apartment, our Austin property tax loans can help you pay your residential property tax according to a schedule that works for your unique financial circumstances.

The government may charge extremely high fees, penalties, and interest on overdue property taxes! But it is possible to avoid paying more than you legally owe by taking out an Austin property tax loan to pay your bill precisely when it comes due. Our Austin property tax loan solutions also allow you to pay your Austin property taxes in the best way for your unique financial situation.

Commercial property tax loans in Austin

Because the State of Texas does not charge a state income tax, local Texas governments tend to charge proportionally higher property taxes to compensate for the lost revenue. And businesses are hit especially hard with high commercial property taxes. Austin businesses generally pay commercial property tax on all real property, such as land, hotels, and apartments, and all tangible commercial personal property such equipment, machinery, supplies, and inventory, so long as the property is used for the production of income.

And commercial property tax bills can become quite large very quickly, even for relatively small businesses, thereby requiring the business to make a large lump sum payment at the end of every year. A commercial property tax loan, however, helps businesses spread this cost over a longer period of time, reducing the instant financial impact and helping businesses preserve valuable cashflow at the end of the year.

Every business incurs an emergency from time to time. We don’t know when they’ll happen; but we do know that they will happen. Commercial property tax loans enable Austin businesses to plan for and absorb unexpected expenses by allowing businesses to keep some cash on hand instead of paying it over to the tax collector in a lump sum.

With years of combined experience in the lending and real estate industry, our professional lenders take pride in providing the resources that business owners need to comply with their tax obligations while simultaneously helping them achieve their larger financial goals.

We provide property tax financing for many major types of commercial property in Austin, including residential housing projects, factories, offices, and tangible commercial property. Regardless of your business’s current position, our Austin lending team can create an affordable, customized commercial property tax loan that will enable your business to pay its property tax and still have money left over to reinvest and grow the business.

Why use to satisfy your Austin property tax obligation? is a Texas company built on Texas values of hard work, personal accountability, and perseverance. Don’t forget, we’re Texans too. Because this is our home, as well, we are intimately familiar with the Texas real estate market. But there’s more to it than that. It also means we are acutely aware of our state’s special intangibles, characteristics, and values, all of which work together to make ours’ the Lone Star State.

At, we view each new client as a chance to build a lasting professional relationship. Our team of lending professionals takes to heart the constant pursuit of excellence that has made Texas what it is today. Anything less would reflect poorly not only on us as Texans, but also on our state overall.

Our ethos and our values compel us to view foreclosure as a failure on our part-a failure to craft a solution that sufficiently accounts for each of our clients’ unique financial situations. Foreclosure, accordingly, is a tool of last resort, which we aim to avoid whenever possible.

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